Jun 15, 2010

Karate + Judo = Kudo

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Kudo, or its full name Daidojuku, is a hybrid Japanese martial art founded in 1981 by Takashi Azuma, a former Kyokushin karate champion, which combines karate and judo. Later, techniques from other martial arts were added including those from Muay Thai, boxing and jujitsu. Competition rules in this style allow the use of joint locks and punches and elbows to the head. For safety, full face helmets are worn. Watch as Kudo competitors take it to the mat. You can't beat karate for all out visceral action, none of the splippity-slap of some martial arts, nor the to-and-fro, stop-and-start monotony of modern fighting championships.

Note: The video stops at 3:20 though its duration is 4:23 in total.

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Anonymous said...

Can't open the clips easily after the change to the new format. Last year was much easier. please try out yourself.
What do you think of the current show of karate kid remake? Worth highlighting?

Daily Kungfu said...

for technical and practical reasons the changes are necessary. previously the youtube thumbnails and videos were loaded on the frontpage resulting in very slow page loads.

so we moved the youtube videos off the front page and made them bigger so that the finer kung fu details can be seen better - a technical exclusive by daily kungfu (haha).

on karate kid 2, we covered it in march, four months ago, from what we gather, it isn't too bad:

Unknown said...

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