Jun 1, 2010

Season Break

Okay folks, end of May is the end of Season One at Daily Kungfu. We're taking a short break and will be back in fall (autumn in the Northern Hemisphere) for a new season.

But wait! We have loads of interesting content on hand, so articles will continue to be posted twice a week, at midweek and/or weekends.

Coming next is a series on Qigong, the mysterious art of mind and energy. Qigong is said to be used in advanced levels of martial arts and is associated with superlative feats. Though we are open minded about the subject, it is our general policy not to promote transcendental matters in this channel, as such the series will be presented from a a modern and fun viewpoint. Stay tuned for more exciting kung fu action!

Picture: Shaolin monk and Qigong exponent Hu Qiong.

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