Jun 18, 2010

The Art of Piercing Kicks

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Chuojiao, literally Piercing Foot, is a northern Chinese martial art renowned for its kicking techniques. In this clip, a Chuojiao instructor shows how Chuojiao's version of the sidekick is executed and how it differs from the standard taekwondo side kick.

As the instructions are in Polish (we think), this won't make too much sense to non side kickers. But for those who are familiar with taekwondo or karate side kicks, they may well be able to discern the differences despite the language barrier. For the non-initiated though, one side kick looks like another. But this is martial arts, it might look the same but it is not the same. From what we gather, the Chuojiao side kick has the following distinguishing features:
  • Lesser or no knee chamber
  • Added hip rock for power
  • Shorter back leg skip
  • Unlocked joints on landing kick

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