May 7, 2010

Yogi Levitates on Dutch Television

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Yoga, another ancient art, shares some of the characteristics and challenges of kung fu. Like kung fu, it has many fine techniques and secrets, and like Shaolin kung fu, it is said to have originated from India. In select kung fu schools, the subcontinent's yogic heritage is still evident in some of their training practices.

But unlike the decline in interest in kung fu since the roaring 70s, yoga is going through a worldwide boom. One of the touted feats of yoga is levitation, a capability which is said to be achievable at the higher levels of yoga and meditation. In this first of a three part series, we have a clip of a Dutch yogi performing levitation and other minor feats live on Dutch TV. In the next two days, we will examine whether this levitation is real or otherwise. Try not to jump ahead or jump to conclusions, or you will miss the fun.

[Q&A: Where's the kick butt kung fu? We're having a short fisticuffs break, stay tuned for the return of more visceral action.]

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