May 2, 2010

The Seasons of Life

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After an extended run on the kick butt aspects of kung fu, let's take an equally extended break from pugilism and have a look at the more creative side of life. This ad, by British retailer John Lewis, cleverly summarizes The Seasons / Passage / Cycle of Life in a one and a half minute clip and is gathering some buzz in the UK.

The ad's theme is never to knowingly undersell. That is, if you have something precious you mustn't undersell it. A subtle yet poignant message, it's about value as much as price, but goes far beyond these. It also perhaps reminds one not to waste a single minute of one's life, much of which will soon come to pass in a blink of an eye.

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Anonymous said...

Undersold is not undersell.

Daily Kungfu said...

Yes, the message at the end is on undersold (the left/logical brain) but the video is on undersell (the right/emotional brain), ad agency uses yin/yang kungfu.

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