May 10, 2010

Northern Mantis Drills

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After a week's break, it's back to our standard staple of pugilistic kung fu. To get the show warmed up again, we have a double clip of Northern Mantis combat drills conducted by Shifu Mike Dasargo and a student. Note the young lady has gotten past the dainty hands typical of female beginners and is mixing it well with her Shifu.  Within Northern Mantis, there are many two person empty hand drills, among them are:
  • Sticking Hands 
  • Trapping Hands
  • Black Tiger Ambush
  • Peach Flower Blooming
  • Stealing and Connecting 
  • Crushing Steps 
  • Eighteen Ancestors 
  • Avoiding the Rigid 
  • Stabbing Fist 
  • White Ape Comes Out From The Cave 
  • Plum Flower Hands 
  • Mantis Comes Out From The Cave 
These drills are said to be a bridge between forms and sparring.

Reference: Northern Mantis,
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