May 10, 2010

Northern Mantis Wooden Dummy

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The Wooden Dummy is a training aid associated primarily with Wing Chun, and to a lesser degree, Choy Lay Fut and Hung Gar. Outside of these Cantonese arts, there are not many other publicly known use of the Dummy by other martial traditions, especially those from the North, with the notable exception of Northern Praying Mantis.

In this demonstration, Richard A. Tolson demonstrates three drills from the Northern Mantis Dummy: Gou Lou Chui (Hook, Grapple & Strike), Lou Lou Zhao (Grapple, Grapple & Claw), Tiao Tiao Zhao (Flick, Flick & Claw). While some schools of Wing Chun tend to caress the dummy, watch how Northern Mantis gives it a really good whack.

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