May 11, 2010

Northern Mantis Training Camp

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To round off this short series on Northern Mantis, here's a clip of a Mantis training camp conducted in Poland by Shifu Slawomir Milczarek. From the YouTube description:
The majority of the drills shown are for developing skill at the basic and intermediate level (chuji and zhongji sanda) , with some advanced level free-fighting (gaoji sanda) methods addressed, including the use of elbows. This kind of sanda is distinct from sports sanda and is trained for self defence as opposed to competition.
Of note in the clip are the combat emphasis, the one-against-many drills, closed in fighting for a girl, gang fighting(!) and how at the end of the clip, two exponents who had just mixed it up tooth-and-nail seem to be having great fun out of it.

Update: The instructor in the video is Shifu Brendan Tunks of Tanglang Quan She Australia.

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Tunks1 said...

Just stumbled across this site for the first time. The camp was indeed hosted by Shifu Slawomir Milczarek, but that's me coaching (Brendan Tunks, Tanglang Quan She Australia). Cheers for posting the clip!

Daily Kungfu said...

Shifu Brendan Tunks, we stand corrected. Thanks for dropping by.

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