May 27, 2010

Hung Gar Combat Applications: Ten Combat Hands

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Here's a high def clip of Hung Gar's Ten Combat Hands demonstrated by Sifu Yui Chow from New York Hung Ga. Hung Gar has a tradition of poetic names for their forms and techniques, from, the Ten Hands are:
Po Pai Sao - Side Tiger Claw
his technique emphasizes the use of the side tiger claw (jut ming fu). The key points of this technique are: Use the tiger claw to lock and crush the throat (fung hau), which will stop the breath; poke the opponent's eyes, which causes blindness. The object of po pai sau is to block and grab your opponent's punch while stepping back into a side bow stance, then at the same time use your side tiger claw to strike the throat or chin.

Cern Gwa Choy Faht - Double Backfist
The emphasis is on the double fist (cern gwa choy faht) smashing downward upon your opponent's face, which causes multiple fractures to the facial structure including the cheekbone, bridge of nose and eye sockets. This technique counters well against a collar grab. As with all hung ga techniques the cern gwa choy faht will only work when used in conjunction with the hung ga footwork. 

Tong Tin Kuen Faht - Heaven Piercing Fist
This technique emphasizes the uppercut (heaven piercing fist) to the floating ribs. Speed, power and violent aggressive transition from stance to stance is essential for maximum effectiveness of tong tin kuen faht, as with all techniques such as, gum gao gin sao (golden scissor hand) and gwa choy faht (backfist).

Ngaw Fu Cum Yang - Hungry Tiger Catches The Lamb
In this technique, the hung ga tiger claw is emphasized. This is shown by the vise-like grip used to crush the groin and the tearing by the hands to seal the chi and gouge the eyes. When the fingertips of the tiger claw dig into the particular accupoints in the face, you can cause disruption and blockage of chi and blood flow into the opponent's brain, as well as severely damaging the eye organs. 

Man Fu Ha San - Angry Tiger Descends The Mountain
In this particular grappling technique, the tiger claw is used to exert tremendous pressure onto the opponent's elbow joint. By sinking the stance, coupled with the lock onto the joint, the opponent's elbow can be seriously and permanently destroyed. 

San Ban Dan Gwai - Squeeze And Crush This technique puts emphasis on stancework, using pulling, twisting and sinking. Sau ban dan gwai is also known as dai ma gwai cho (take the horse back to the stable).

Won Won Bao Hok - Reincarnation Of The Fulfilled Crane
In this particular technique, the crane's beak is targeted to the opponent's eye. By using the whipping motion of the attacking arm, the "beak" essentially pierces into the ocular cavity of the skull, thereby destroying the eye. 

Hau Gi Tao Toe - Monkey Steals The Peach
This technique is used to twist tendons and break bones (usually fingers and collarbones). The key points here are to grab, squeeze, twist and lock on to your opponent's attack. By grabbing the fingers and twisting up (also called tiger climbs up mountain) you will subdue and break the fingers. When attacking the collarbone and using all four key points, you will not only cause the bone to break, but also cause severe nerve and tendon damage. 

Cern Fei Wu Dip - Double Flying Butterfly
This technique is used to damage and dislocate the tailbone. The key points here are to use a strong tiger claw for grabbing and low twisting stances to develop power for striking. Double flying butterflies got its name because the hand and foot positions are open and form the shape of a butterfly.

Fu Pao Cern Kuen - Tiger Leopard Fist
In this technique, emphasis is placed on slapping the ears with double leopard paw strikes. This forces air into the ear drums, which causes them to explode and disorients the opponent. You can also use fu pao cern kuen to attack your opponent's eyes. 

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