May 25, 2010

Fukien Wingchun White Crane Sticking Hands

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We have earlier highlighted Yongchun (Wing Chun in Cantonese, Eng Choon in Fukien) White Crane, from the Yongchun province of Fujian, and hypothesized a possibility of a connection between Yongchun White Crane and Cantonese Wing Chun. To evaluate this hypothesis further, let's have a look a Yongchun White Crane's Chi Sao or Sticking Hands demonstrated here by Sifu George Buza and his son Matias. Looks quite far from Wing Chun Chi Sao, and more like knocking hands, doesn't it?  Or does it?

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Anonymous said... just seems like a drill that uses many of the same hands (hand techniques)as does WC.

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