May 17, 2010

Needle Through Brick Found

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We have earlier featured a trailer on a documentary about traditional kung fu in Borneo, titled Needle Through Brick. Directed by Patrick Daly and produced by Season of Light Pictures, it received mentions and accolades at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and the Mexican International Film Festival.

The documentary is about the struggle for survival of traditional arts in the face of rampant modernization. It features a host of masters including those from Fong Yang, Southern Mantis, Five Ancestors and Hung Gar. This film is not the standard kungfu chopsuey or shallow kungfu reality show. Rather, it is a slow paced yet gripping narrative, to be imbibed like pot of good tea.

Watch out for the scene where the documentary makers are taken to visit humble food stalls and shops where kung fu masters work incognito as small time retailers. And don't miss the end, the message is at the end. The main commentator in the film is Fuzhou White Crane exponent Eric Ling who was technical advisor to the shoot according to sources.

The DVD is available for purchase here. Or watch the full length version over the net here. The web version has slightly muted and off-sync audio. The video is streaming only so it can't be replayed without streaming again.  It also seems to work best using the latest Firefox browser, older browsers may receive an error message. Give it a try anyway, it's quite a watch.

Hat-tip: Kungfu Magazine
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