May 6, 2010

Diligent Wushu

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This is a short news item on wushu performer Lee Wei-Jen of Canada. In the clip it is mentioned she trains 6 hours a day, 7 days a week, a training regime comparable to what the old school exponents went through.

For martial traditionalists, it could be a bit distressing to see a young talent like her spending so much time and effort in training only part of the art (large fluid movements) with many traditional components probably left out (power, combat intent, self-defence applications etc). This is analogous to a student who spends all her time studying geography, to the exclusion of mathematics, science, literature, arts and other subjects.

Perhaps not all is lost, she might later find a teacher who could parlay her wushu skills into a more complete martial art, or her current mentors may already be tutoring her on the matter.

Regardless of the completeness of her art or otherwise, Lee Wei-Jen's diligence is most commendable. In fact, it is said that many martial arts are partial in scope. Paradoxically, the more partial the art, the more convinced the practitioners are their art is complete and superior. This is a big topic by itself, but let's hear it from the old masters: keep on learning.

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