May 18, 2010

Daylight Robbery

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Do you need kung fu or martial arts? You can train for years and nothing happens. Besides benefits such as health, networking and culture, is the martial part really that important?

It is, in a flash, taken-for-granted peace can turn into a frightening maelstrom, and years of training will be called upon. Watch as robbers in an unnamed South East Asian country trail a businessman, who had just withdrawn large amounts of cash from a bank, to his factory and set upon him at the gate. This is a common crime in this particular country, citizens may notice loiterers around banks who are on the lookout for targets. Anti-loitering laws may help but it will be tough to enforce in this free wheeling part of world.

The clip is 5 mins long, the action is between the 1 min and 3 min mark.

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