May 31, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts

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The term Mixed Martial Arts is associated with the cage fighting sport where boxing, kickboxing and grappling techniques predominate. In lower case, it could also be thought of as martial arts which evolved in the West which is a blend of various traditional martial lines. Also known as eclectic or hybrid styles, these arts could be named after the primary style in the blend or less commonly be given a new name altogether.

Due to the plethora of arts being offered to the public in the West, it has became possible for practitioners to mix arts from highly diverse lineages. In this clip, Guro Dan Inosanto who studied Kali, Karate, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Silat, Shoot, Brazilian Ju Jitsu among others shows a take down drill from Silat. Of note, Silat traditionalists have opined that the the shin block to a kick is a Muay Thai technique, which is not normally used in Silat.  This is an example of the evolution of mixed martial arts in the West.

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