Apr 25, 2010

Yong Chun White Crane

Click picture to view video (note: loud techno music).

We move north back again to Fujian, China and the county of Yongchun. The names need a bit of explaining here. Yongchun, which is a Mandarin term, is Eng Choon in Fukienese and Wing Chun in Cantonese. In this context, Wing Chun is a place not a martial art. Could there be a possibility that Wing Chun the martial art is related to Wing Chun the place?

The martial art prominently associated with Yongchun county is Yongchun White Crane. In general, the martial arts community do not closely associate Cantonese Wing Chun with Yongchun White Crane because of substantial technical differences (sets, principles, training) between the two arts although both being of Southern Shaolin heritage, they have obvious similarities (short fist, high stance).

Here is a video of a little publicized line of Yongchun White Crane featuring Argentinian Master George Buza who studied under Grandmaster Chan Kwok Wai. The Sanzhan (Three Battles) form performed here is gentler compared to the more commonly known Yongchun White Crane schools. Under this light, Cantonese Wing Chun practitioners may find some kinship of this form with their Chum Kiu and Biu Jee sets. Note the intriguing double mudra towards the end of the form in contrast to the double palm strike in other Fujian White Crane lineages.

Thanks to Sifu Boh for the video tip.
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Anonymous said...

buen video, lastima el parkinson del camarografo

Anonymous said...

Excelente sifu!, un abrazo


Anonymous said...

Note: In this post you give the impression that mr. Buza learned this form from Chan Kwok Wai.
Chan Kwok Wai does not teach fukien white crane. Although, he knows some forms of northern crane.

Daily Kungfu said...

Anon: thanks for your comments. Would you know who Master Buza's Yongchun White Crane teacher is? There are no sources available on this in the English language. It is totally intriguing how an Argentinian master managed to find and learnt this esoteric branch of Kung Fu when many others both in East & West could not!

Anonymous said...

From the video description: "GM TangKwokKwai teach to M. G.Buza this Style from 1973...".
Very close to Chan Kwok Wai eh? But I never heard of this sifu (I live in Brazil, besides from the students of GM Chan in Argentina, I don't know much of the kung fu scene there).
I know that there are severals sifus in China that allow overseas students to live and train in their home for a while, like these guys: www.fujianbaihe.com. Maybe he did that.
And as you might already had figured out, I'm a student of Chan Kwok Wai! =)

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