Apr 30, 2010

Yip Chun Stars in Ip Man 3

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This must be good news for Wing Chun instructors. The first Ip Man movie was rumored to have doubled enrollments or more in Wing Chun schools. This week, Ip Man 2, the sequel, is premiering in select countries, with Donnie Yen starring again as Ip Man, and Sammo Hung roped in as a Hung Gar master. We have earlier commented on the trailer here, and on the the first movie here.

It seems there is a prequel coming up as well, titled Ip Man, The Legend Is Born (which we have renamed Ip Man 3 in our title). Interestingly it stars Ip Chun (Yip Chun) as Ip Man's teacher, Leung Bik, with newcomer To Yu Hang replacing Donnie Yen in the titular role. This prequel said to be more in tune with Wing Chun because the producer is a student of Yip Chun.

Photo: left to right: To Yu Hang as Ip Man, Ip Chun as Leung Bik, Betty Huang as Ip Man's muse.
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