Apr 9, 2010

Xingyi Five Element Fist

To wrap up this week's feature on Internal Martial Arts, we have an exposition by Bruce Frantzis on the application of of Xingyi's famous Five Element Fist. The concept of the Five Elements of Metal, Water, Wood, FIre and Earth is common to many branches of traditional Chinese culture including medicine, geomancy, cookery, divination, music and martial arts. Within Xingyiquan, the Five Element Fists are said to have the following combat functions (in the sequence as show in the video):
Metal / Piquan / Chopping Fist
Its form is like an axe and intention is like chopping something.
Like an axe chopping up and over.

Water / Zuanquan / Drilling Fist
Its form like lightning and intention is like a winding stream.
Drilling forward horizontally like a geyser.

Wood / Bengquan / Crushing Fist
Its form is like an arrow and intention is like shooting something.
Arrows constantly exploding forward.

Fire / Paoquan / Cannon Fist
Its form is like cannon; horizontal power is extremely great, it has the nature of a gun.
Exploding outward like a cannon while blocking.

Earth / Hengquan / Crossing Fist
Horizontal fist belongs to Earth; its form is like a bullet.
Crossing across the line of attack while turning over.
Source: Wikipedia, ChinaFromInside

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Anonymous said...

I don't see any qi application in any of these videos..

How about boiling water with bare hands?
http://qi-china.com/index.php?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task=viewvideo&Itemid=107&video_id=11 (Wuzuquan Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong)

Daily Kungfu said...

Thank you for your suggestion. We have a special series on Qigong coming up. Please stay tuned.

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