Apr 24, 2010

Vietnamese White Crane

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From Guangdong, we move southwards past China's southern most province of Guangxi and arrive in Vietnam for this next clip on White Crane kung fu. Many Wing Chun lineages mention a fight between a crane and a snake as being the inspiration of their art.  In some lineages the Crane component is indistinct, unarticulated or not emphasized.

However, in Vietnam Wing Chun the crane is pronounced enough to have its own dedicated form. In fact, it has all five Shaolin animals in its syllabus, a total departure from many other Wing Chun traditions. This gave rise to claims the five animal forms were a later addition to the style, but as far as the Vietnam branch is concerned, it is part of what was handed down from the founders of Wing Chun.

But don't get too caught up in these martial arts lineage and historical debates, the test of martial arts remains with its effectiveness, or if you like, who wins has the correct history. Watch as a student from Shaolin Wing Chun Nam Anh in Montreal demonstrates the crisp moves of the crane from Vietnam Wing Chun.

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