Apr 23, 2010

Tibetan White Crane

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Previously we have had a look at Fujian (Fukien in local dialect) Cranes. In this post, we move south of Fujian to the province of Guangdong and the art of Tibetan White Crane. Also known as Lama Pai (Tibetan Lama Sect) and Hop Gar Kuen (Knight Family Fist), its origins is said to be inspired by a duel between a crane and an ape, as compared to Fujan White Crane's mythology which starts with a friendly spar between its founder, a girl, and a crane.

There is some controversy regarding Tibetan White Crane with some observers commenting that it looks neither Tibetan nor Crane and seems more closely related to Northern Long Fist styles such as Pek Kwa and Tan Tui. This may be due to public displays of Tibetan Crane showing long fist techniques where the finer crane techniques are either not shown or could not be easily seen. But true to its name, Tibetan White Crane does contain crane techniques as you can see in this clip of Si-Fu Tom Harber demonstrating Tiet Lin Kuen (Iron Chain Fist).

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