Apr 11, 2010

The Third Generation

Here's an instrumental rendition of the I Will Always Love You by Lim Ji Yeon, a South Korean contemporary of Lin Yu Chun. That kind of makes her third generation.

What's with this generational stuff? It perhaps illustrates how martial arts are being or should be passed down. Each performer in the last three posts rendered the song differently yet kept the core of the song intact. And comparing Dolly Parton's version and Lin Yu Chun's cover, the song has retained its tingling effect. Lin Yu Chun did not not add in jazz, rock, additional lyrics or rifts from other songs, he kept the song unsullied.

There is much more to be said about the above analogy, like what if parts of the song got lost in transmission, can it be recovered by adding parts of other songs etc. This will be left as an exercise for readers. The only sentiment left to add is if you have a song, pass it along.  Imagine if Dolly Parton had kept the song to herself.

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