Apr 12, 2010

Taekwondo vs Muay Thai

Some consider Muay Thai to be a battle hardened martial art while Taekwondo is a "sport". In practical terms, there may be some truth to this if only because Muay Thai exponents normally go through a more fight oriented training regime compared to Taekwondo. This could be misleading though because it is said that at the highest levels normally not seen in public, elite Taekwondo fighters can hold their own very well.

The art itself is a tool, the use of it still remains with wielder. In this amateur clip - we are staying away from boring professional bouts - a Taekwondo exponent gets the better of a Muay Thai opponent in a reversal of many other similar matchups posted on the net. The Taekwondo exponent is clearly better trained and looks to have some longfist skills as well. But kudos to the Muay Thai group who seems to be hosting the Taekwondo guy - only the brave and the skilled aren't afraid of losing.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the victory of the Taekwon-do guy is not because of his martial art but his skills and hard practise.

Anonymous said...

The Thai boxer has very low skill. Put a Thai boxer of the same quality of the TKD man and then see what happens.

Anonymous said...

There is now a new trend in "thinking"; in many modern major martial arts societies and schools.

Instead of alway bragging and promoting their own art and style as this, that and the other...

The big players are now inviting other 'GREAT' schools of noble repute to their own schools to exchange ideas and to learn from one another.

And to demonstrate the positive points of both schools.

Instead; of always wanting to fight and win at all costs; they are inviting exponents from other schools and styles to learn from them.

To highlight the strenghts and deficiancies of their own styles and to learn from the rest of the world.

A very positive, respectful and clever idea!

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