Apr 28, 2010

Silat White Crane

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Crane techniques are not confined to Chinese arts alone, they exist as far south as Indonesia. Watch as Guru Horacio Rodriguez demonstrates the devastating crane technique of Blekok Badan Tangkis (Crane Body Interception) from Silat Serak. As described by Serak.com:
The Blekok (crane) structures are simultaneously evasive and destructive. Sambuts (counterstrikes) are massive and brutal, whether with empty hand, or weapons. Animal structures are an overlay, each carrying their own internal principles and keys. The addition of the Jurus (hand techniques) make it further come alive.
Note: The post title needs explanation: Blekok means Crane, the adjective White was hypothesized to rhyme with the rest of the series. There is a White Crane Silat tradition known as Silat Bangau Putih, it's a transplanted Chinese five animal school with Silat elements mixed in.

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