Apr 14, 2010

Sabre vs Foil Sword Fight

Further to the previous post, here is a match-up between the Sabre and the Foil. The Sabre is a single-edged weapon like the Katana while the Foil has no edge, just a sharp tip, so it can be viewed as a restricted version of the dainty Chinese Jian. If the previous demonstration is slow paced and more theoretical, then this duel takes it up a notch in terms of speed and being more combat like, though it is obviously still a friendly spar.

The Sabre is a swung weapon not unlike how one would naturally use a stick to fight, while the Foil, and its cousin the Épée, are mainly thrusting weapons with its tip as it main attack focus. Watch how the girl with the Foil uses footwork to position herself for attack and defense, and how the Forward Bow Stance is used for making quick entries and exit. As compared to the previous clip where Sifu Wong Kiew Kit uses side and circular stepping, in this demo the stepping is more linear likely because the exponents are trained in sport fencing which uses a narrow strip as its competition space.

Sabre, Foil, Épée, FencingJianForward Bow Stance

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