May 15, 2010

The Pounce of Silat Harimau

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Oriental martial arts often use animals as inspiration for their arts or techniques. One animal popular across a broad range of martial arts is the tiger. And contrary to what outsiders might think, the tiger is used not only as an iconic emblem, but the animal's moves, strategies and techniques can also be incorporated into a particular art as well. Beyond the layman's general perception of the tiger as a dangerous animal, even for zoologists, the tiger is known as a particularly formidable combatant:
Tigers may [despatch] such formidable predators as leopards, pythons and even crocodiles on occasion, although predators typically avoid one another. When seized by a crocodile, a tiger will strike at the reptile's eyes with its paws [Wikipedia].
This clip (ignore the guy standing with his arm akimbo) is a demonstration of harimau or tiger techniques from Silat. Note the use of the pounce, an effective bridging technique whether in the wild, in Silat, or in Mixed Martial Arts.

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