Apr 26, 2010

Northern White Crane

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What we have seen so far are Southern White Crane styles. In this multi clip post, we showcase Northern White Crane, an art which looks totally different from its Southern cousin and which more closely resembles Northern long fist with high kicks, low stances and long arm bridges.

In the first clip, Sifu David Bowling shows some neat applications of Northern White Crane; in the second clip he highlights crane movements found within Northern Crane and also touches on the similarities between Northern Crane and Muay Thai. These similarities echo the observations of learned masters familiar with both arts (but these are of little or no interest among practitioners of both arts). The third clip is a short demo of a Northern White Crane form. Notice towards the middle of the clip the performer executes a double crane peck, a crane move popularized in kung fu movies.

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Northern White Crane Application

Crane Movements in Northern White Crane

Northern White Crane Form

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