Apr 20, 2010

Speedy Cat Inspires Site Redesign

Over the past one week we have made numerous behind-the-scenes changes to the site layout to make the home page load faster. We've taken tonnes of Javascript off and made them load on demand, but the biggest change for visitors is that YouTube is no longer playable directly from the front page. Instead of showing YouTube videos there directly, thumbnails of the video are shown instead, and clicking on the thumbnail or the Read More link will lead the visitor to the actual video.

Before this change, YouTube thumbnails were sort of mashed together using Flash on-the-fly at the client-side (by YouTube) and that really took some time.  In advanced countries with good bandwidth speeds, this is likely not noticeable, but for less advanced ones, this results in the front page taking an a fair few seconds to load (it's an ISP not a YouTube issue).  Now we have a much faster loading front page - just click on the picture to view the video.  Stay tuned for more kung fu broadcasts!

Update 1: To squeeze out further performance improvements, the fancy translucent background has been canned in favor of a simpler page look.  The translucent nature background previously guzzled both bandwidth and CPU cycles. The new look should hopefully be easier on the eye too. Rolled back, not significant.

Update 2: The video page now shows a bigger video (no added bandwidth required)!

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