Apr 5, 2010

Liuhebafa Combat Application

Next up, ShrFu Mike Patterson demonstrates applications from the rare internal style of Liuhebafa, literally, Six Harmony, Eight Method (Boxing). The complete name of this art is even longer - Liuhebafa Sanpan Shiershi - which means Six Harmony, Eight Method, Three Stance, Twelve Postures (Boxing). The numeric mnemomic of Six Harmony, Eight Methods refers to the following principles:

Six Harmonies
  1. Body and Heart/Mind;
  2. Heart/mind and Intent;
  3. Intent and Qi/Energy;
  4. Qi/energy and Spirit;
  5. Spirit and Movement; and
  6. Movement and Emptiness.
Eight Methods
  1. Qi (energy), circulating Qi to concentrate Shen (spirit)
  2. Gu (bones), collecting energy inside the bones;
  3. Xing (form), incorporating animal forms from nature;
  4. Sui (follow), circular and smooth motion responding to the situation;
  5. Ti (lifting), lifting from the crown of one's head to have a floating feeling;
  6. Huan (returning), coming and going in a cycle;
  7. Le (suspending), being motionless and calm while waiting; and
  8. Fu (concealing), looking for an opening while concealing yourself.

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