Apr 23, 2010

Fuzhou White Crane vs Hakka Tiger

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The Fujian martial art of White Crane has a number of branches, among the most prominent are Sleeping (aka Ancestral) Crane, Whooping Crane, Eating Crane and Flying Crane. In this clip Borneo-based Fuzhou White Crane Master Eric Ling (left), who studied both Whooping and Ancestral Cranes, discusses combat techniques with Hakka Suppressing Tiger Master Kong Shu Ming. [Fuzhou is a prefecture in the province of Fujian in China, Hakka is a nomadic clan from Southern China.]

The dialogue is in Mandarin but non-speakers should be able to readily pick up the gist of the discussion by the actions of both exponents. Among the White Crane principles expounded are side stepping, angling, the one-footed Crane stance and the how the Crane wing can be used to counter a punch.

Don't miss this rare exposition on Fuzhou White Crane.

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