Apr 22, 2010

Fukien White Crane

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There are varied martial arts which are said to be inspired by the White Crane, some related by lineage, others by name only, but as diverse as these arts are, they all tenuously share a common characteristic which is to emphasize, at least at a simpler physical level, the use of the crane wing and beak.

In this first clip in a series on White Crane Kung Fu, Shifu Lorne Bernard showcases the rare Fujian (Fukien) martial art of Flying White Crane. His lineage is via Borneo under Grandmaster Lee Kiang-Ke, a Fujian immigrant, and his son Master Lee Joo-Chian. On his style, Shifu Bernard writes in USA Dojo:
A good White Crane fighter can, amongst other things, sidestep and strike an opponent. This tactic is very effective in self-defense scenarios against a completely committed and possibly enraged adversary. It was not designed for the often tentative, forewarned and illusory nature of controlled sparring involving mutually consenting competitors.

This brings us to a most important point: Authentic Chinese martial arts were created and evolved to be devastating self-defense systems. As society changes and evolves, however, many martial art systems have changed their fundamental nature and modified their training regimen. We can safely distinguish between those arts that have remained faithful to their tradition of all-or-nothing self-defense and those that have become martial sports. Both have something very special to offer to the public. There is, however, a great difference in approach.
To find out more, watch the brief but informative clip.

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