Apr 29, 2010

Fierce White Crane

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White Crane Kung Fu has a reputation for combat effectiveness in select martial arts circles. For example, Yiquan founder Wang Xiang Zhai, who reputedly traveled the length of China meeting kung fu masters "to exchange ideas", was quoted as saying he found Southern White Crane to be particularly combat oriented among the arts he had the opportunity to research on.

But why would a fighting art be named after a bird (brain), and claim ancestry to a lady? Well, for those have come face-to-face with a fighting rooster, you would perhaps understand what fighting spirit means, and that small size and lightweight do not handicap the rooster from kicking bigger butts. And dare we say, ditto women.

So, to round off this series on White Crane Kung Fu, we have a short clip of what it could be like to get a Crane riled up. We have featured four standalone Crane styles: Fukien, Fuzhou, Tibetan, Yongchun; and four Cranes which are components within a style: Vietnam Wing Chun, Northern Shaolin, Karate and Silat. The Crane in this clip is component of the Fukien art of Five Ancestors; the move demonstrated is Burst Vibrating Power.

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