Apr 6, 2010

Chen Taiji Combat Application

In this clip, ShrFu Mike Patterson shows how Chen Style Taijiquan could be applied in combat.  Though Taiji is normally associated with soft, gentle exercises, the Chen school is known to be highly combat oriented.  As we have seen previously in Baguazhang, Taijiquan is also well known for not using force against force; here's a succinct summary of Taijiquan's combat strategy from Shenwu:
Taijiquan is a martial art is based on the principle of the soft overcoming the hard. Direct opposition of another's force is strictly discouraged, and great emphasis is placed upon borrowing the force of the opponent and using it to one's own advantage. Belonging to the schools of the so-called "soft" martial arts, Taijiquan training is designed to cultivate a relaxed, flexible and sensitive body along with a calm and focused intent. 
The Taijiquan fighter is trained to absorb and neutralize incoming force, join with the opponent by sticking to his center, and issue force at the appropriate time and angle with the power of the entire body. By following the principle of giving up the self and following others, the Taijiquan fighter is able to use an opponent's own strength against him, thereby allowing the weaker and slower to overcome the stronger and faster opponent. 
Another hallmark of Taijiquann as a combat art is that it has, as its foundation, the principle of natural movement. All the movements and techniques of the Taijiquan Arts are based upon natural strengths and reactions. Because training is less a matter of conditioning new responses as refining inborn abilities, real fighting ability can be cultivated in the Taijiquan arts faster than most other styles of martial arts. The diligent student of Taijiquan, properly trained, will have acquired real self defense ability in a matter of months, as opposed to the years of training required in many other martial systems.
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