Apr 18, 2010

Bagua Deer Horns vs Kali Sticks

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Continuing our weapon dueling series, this clip shows an intriguing matchup between the rarely seen Bagua Deer Horn Knives and Filipino Kali sticks. Bagua is known to be a unique yet effective martial arts and its distinctiveness follows through to its trademark Deer Horn knives as well. Here's a description of the knives from Body Mind Harmony:
They are designed for use against multiple attackers, or any type of weapon. There are techniques for use against the spear, staff, saber and especially the sword. It has been said the Deerhorn Knives are especially good at defeating the sword with their hooking and trapping techniques. Master Su Yu-Chang says they are the number one weapon because they can break the energy of any other weapon, long or short. He also said they were for lethal application. That unlike other bagua weapons which may be better at locking and controlling, once the Deerhorn Knives came out, extreme injuries were the result.
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