Apr 8, 2010

The Avian Techniques of Xingyi

This clip (note: poor audio) shows the application of bird inspired techniques of Xingyi, namely the Rooster, Pheonix and Swallow by ShrFu Mike Patterson. There are actually five bird techniques in Xingyi, the following are the concise fighting attributes of each bird (via: YCGF):
Rooster: In ancient times, people believed it is in the rooster's nature to fight. In competition, it fights bravely and hard, and never quit easily. In Xingyquan practice, its attribute is: hard, brave, and to keep going on. It is never afraid to make a hard fight.

Sparrow: Sparrow hawk is a bird of prey. It is quick and agile. When it flies up, it shows how strong it is. When it flies down, it shows how quick it is. When it flies to pass through the forest, it shows how agile and accurate it is. When it turns over its body during flying, it shows how nimble it is. In Xingyiquan practice, its attribute is:quick, hard, and straight, but still very nimble. Like a sparrow piercing forward.

Swallow: Here picture a swallow skimming just above the water, if it's a little bit low, it will fall into the water, if a little bit high, it cannot get water. Swallow can fly very quickly with accurate movement. It is not a hard but agile skill. In Xingyiquan practice, its attribute is: Accurate skillful power with light and quick movement.

Pheonix: Tai is a big mystical bird. When it's running, its wings flap very powerful so that it is very strong and can knock over anything blocking it. In Xingyiquan practice, its attribute is: strong and quick movement can destroy anything trying to stop or block it.

Eagle: When the eagle is circling the skies and zooms in on a prey, it will suddenly drop down and capture the prey. Its capturing skill needs to be powerful and accurate. In Xingyiquan, people said every attack skill has to be like eagle talon. It means when you find a chance, your attack should be sudden, quick, powerful and accurate; and if you get it, never give him chance to fight back or run away. In Xingyiquan practice, its attribute is: sudden, quick, powerful, and accurate, and to keep control all the way.
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