Mar 26, 2010

Trailer From Ip Man II

Freshly uploaded to YouTube, here's the trailer of Ip Man 2, the sequel to the movie Ip Man which we covered earlier (see links below). Without wanting to be a wet blanket, looking at the trailer, the movie comes across as the standard melodramatic Hong Kong fare, especially the finale. It's either going to be a karateka or a big mean caucasian boxer.

Note though two interesting scenes: the roof top training arena and the low cross stance by Ip Man's opponent in the table top fight scene. Roof top kung fu training was a common fixture in crowded cities of Hong Kong and Singapore. The otherwise unused space provided an open, well ventilated location and privacy from unwanted attention. The other scene shows an application of the low cross stance: a twisting, low dodge which can be turned into a counter offensive.

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