Mar 21, 2010

Taijiquan vs Xingyiquan

In this showdown, Chen Taiji Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang takes on challenger 'Xingyi Master', Liao Bai [the quotes are because there isn't much information available in English to cite Liao Bai's Xingyi lineage].

The video has generated much debate, with some commentators saying they were disappointed they didn't see an MMA type smackdown conclusion, some opined Liao Bai got the better of Chen Xiaowang, while others discerned Chen Xiaowang did well. Watch the video and judge for yourself. More on this matchup and Grandmaster Chen in a future special series.


Anonymous said...

LOL this is tui shou, dudes. It's not a real fighting it's only an exercise/skill challenge

Daily Kungfu said...

Haha, we wrote this up a bit but yes, it is just push hands, not a real fight.

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