Mar 24, 2010

The Russian Martial Art of Systema

Systema is a Russian martial art that is gaining some buzz among martial arts newbies. There are a number of theories regarding its origins, here is one which may tally with what you will see in this video from Russian Martial Art.

The various forms of modern Systema are evolutions of an intensive research and development project carried out by several generations of hand to hand combat instructors at the Dinamo training facility in Moscow between roughly 1920-1980. That would place Systema in the same stream of military close-combat training as combat SAMBO and related styles such as SAMOZ, which was developed by V.A. Spiridonov. The stylistic influences on modern Systema would include numerous national martial arts styles, military close-combat systems and indigenous Russian combat styles as well as aspects of sports science, biomechanics and sports psychology as these disciplines were incorporated into the Dinamo close-combat research and development project during the 20th century. [Wikipedia]


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