Mar 27, 2010

Silat Garis Paksi

Silat Garis Paksi is a contemporary Silat style created by Kang Gending Raspuzi of Java who studied under various teachers and Silat styles. Among the styles are Sekar Pusaka, Budhi Kancana, Setia Wargi, Timbalan, Cikalong, Cimande, Sanalika and Sahbandar. Garis Paksi itself means Pivot Line which, though unexplained in the school's website, hints at rich martial art possibilities because both Pivot and Line are, separately, key concepts in some martial arts. As we have noted previously (see links below), the signature of Silat is smooth, fluid moves and as you can see from the video, Silat Garis Paksi is no different.

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