Mar 28, 2010

Push and Sticking Hands in Silat

Push Hands and Sticking (Sticky) Hands are normally associated with the Taiji and Wing Chun respectively. But did you know that these training methods are found within Silat as well?  Watch as Kang Gending Raspuzi of Silat Garis Paksi (Pivot Line Silat), explains some of the basic forms of his style, with the accompaniment of enchanting traditional Indonesian music, and then demonstrates Silat's version of Push Hands and Sticking Hands. Notice how a push can be turned into a more serious attack and how Kang Gending Raspuzi follows his opponent after he pushes them down.  [A translation of the brief opening remarks: Silat Garis Paksi has ten fundamental forms; each form is performed in three ways: sitting, standing and with footwork.]

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