Mar 18, 2010

The Principle of Aiki

In an earlier article, we featured Sifu Siow Ho Phiew's old school method of using the cane as a teaching aid.

In this video (turn up the volume), which is an interview, not our usual action packed clip, Aikido instructor Lia Suzuki tells how her teacher uses a softer method to correct students in class:
If I have to choose the one thing which is the most valuable teaching fron Takeda Sensei, I think it would be how he teaches, the way he teaches, is phenomenal and very aiki in spirit.

When someone is turning in the wrong direction for a technique for example, he never says "No, not that way, this way instead!" Instead, he always says things like "Exactly, great, now try the same thing, only turn in the opposite direction".

Or if you are hunched over with lousy posture, he doesn't tell you your posture is lousy. He tells you straighten your back even more. So it is very positive and encouraging and creates a positive learning environment for people.
As you can see, there are many ways up the mountain.

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