Feb 14, 2010

Year of The Tiger

Here's some cultural fun, not to be taken too seriously. This is the time of the year feng shui and astrology consultants put forth their predictions for the coming Tiger Year.

Particularly interesting is the forecast for people born in different years. Many sources tend to be a bit vague or abstruse, but the following list from Paul Ng is notably clear and concise. To determine your animal sign, if you don't know it already, click here.  Then check the list below to find out your fortune for the year.  Happy (Tiger) New Year!

Click here for the animal-by-animal predictions.

Your money and health signs tend to be weaker. You could be prone to illness and accidents.

This year favours the male rabbit more than the female.  The female rabbit will tend to run into unexpected stumbling blocks, while the male counterpart may obtain a lot of extra help and opportunities.  There are many changes and travel opportunities.  You will be creative and have a lot of good ideas.  Your people relations are also good.

There is a strong travel sign with you.  Your job may go through changes. You may even change careers. This is a good year for you to start a new business, move or travel.  You should beware of burial places and accidents. You will tend to be quite spiritual.

Watch out for your interpersonal relations and legal conflicts.  However, female snakes will fare better than their male counterparts.  The latter may go through more stumbling blocks.

This is a very lucky year for you.  You are connecting with the Tiger Year.  There will be many opportunities for business and to make money.  If you are a worker, you may get promoted.  If you are self employed, expand your business.  Your may incur jealously.  Do not overly rely on other people.

This is a lucky year for you.  You should do well both at work and financially.  You should expand on whatever you are doing.  However, when you travel abroad, be careful about being robbed.

You are opposite to the Year of Tiger.  This may cause lost of money.  However, your travel sign is quite significant.  Stay mobile.

This is a lucky year for the rooster peoople.  This is a strong lucky sign.  It particularly favours those dealing with the law and politics.

This is a mixed year for you.  Beware of back-stabbers and accidents.  Do not overly trust other people.  You may enjoy arts and travel.

You connect well with the Tiger, making this year a good one for you.  You have a very dominant learning star.  You will be good in learning new knowledge, writing exams.  However, you will still be prone to controversies.  Do not be a guarantor for your friends.

This is a very mobile year for the rat people.  You favor moving, traveling, change jobs or starting a new business.  You will be prone to accidents.  Stay away from burial places.

This will be many helpful signs and people.  Your social position will improve.  This is a good year to expand.  The male ox people will outperform their female counterparts.

[Edited, from Paul Ng, picture: BlueBison.]

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