Feb 22, 2010

The Secrets of Taiji Soft Power

Thanks to the open mindedness of contemporary teachers and to modern publishing technology like YouTube, hitherto closely guarded kung fu secrets have been made available to the general public.

In this ground breaking clip, Master Chen Zhong Hua reveals how Chen Taiji techniques can be used to redirect the force of opponents and uproot them.

These techniques, when honed by long practice, may explain how the elder bagua master in the previous clip managed to bounce off visitors with seemingly little movement or effort.  There are other factors involved but having good body mechanics and structure are the simple essentials in advanced kung fu practice.


K.conor.foxx said...

The title as 'soft'is misleading; in practice it is more as 'elastic' with varying degrees of tension/ stress transference/ dissipation. The structuring of central and peripheral body parts and their degrees of motion within limits has much to do with this. Thus dynamics and mechanics needs to be well learned. A slightly more advanced method is minimizing contact instance or maximizing pulse release.

Daily Kungfu said...

Conor Foxx, yes, you are right. I meet Master Chen last week. The art he showed, Practical Method, can be described as 'soft' only in the sense that no brute force is required.

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