Feb 24, 2010

Master of Kungfu and The Internet

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is the founder of Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu. However, this article is not about his martial arts but instead touches on internet fu.

Grandmaster Wong is an internet pioneer who started his web presence way back in 1997. Before the term blog was even coined, he published a regular Question and Answer column on his website which he hand crafted himself, and which is maintained till this day.

And before YouTube came into prominence, Grandmaster Wong was already showing kung fu videos on his website. All these would be what might be termed as social media today, but he had preceded all these trends well before they became mainstream.

And if you are thinking ebook marketing, his bestselling paperback The Art of Chi Kung (1993) remains unsurpassed as one of the best survey of Chi Kung techniques available in English. Using bold and innovative techniques, Grandmaster Wong build his kung fu school from a small town club into an international institution. A master of kung fu and the internet.


Dr Kissey said...

A Master indeed , both in the real and virtual worlds.

Daniel Perez said...

A true grandmaster, a pioneer and a living example.

Unknown said...

Sifu is the best.

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