Jan 11, 2010

Noodle Kung Fu

Did you know there is a lot of kung fu in serving up Fried Noodles aka Chow Mein in the West or Char Kuey Teow in South East Asia?

It can come down to the wok and spatula used, the flame control, the exact frying duration, the ingredients, the order and timing the ingredients are added during frying and whether the chef pays full and undivided attention during cooking. 

Many street versions of this fare are over-fried. You know it is over done when you see charred food and blacken debris in the dish. These burnt bits not only taste and smell bad, but are also carcinogenic.   This photo from BusybodyMom shows a Fried Noodle dish done right. Notice the bean sprouts are crunchy looking, this is because they were added towards the end of the frying process. So do double check your Fried Noodles next time you tuck into one! Malaysia

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