Jan 19, 2010

Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts

To round off a trilogy of movie related snippets, we have a montage of Jackie Chan's top 10 stunts. Well known kung fu actor Jackie Chan is a graduate of the renowned Peking Opera School of Hong Kong. Although the word 'opera' is normally associated with theatrics, traditional Chinese Opera schools also provide extremely rigorous martial arts training.

From Wikipedia: historically, pupils had been handpicked at a young age by a teacher, or sifu, and trained for a period of seven to ten years, on contract from their parents. As the teacher provided food and accommodation for the pupils during this period, they accrued a debt to the teacher that was later repaid through performance earnings.

Practice at the Peking Opera School was very strict. The students had been signed into contracts that would allow the instructors to punish them up until death. Training would take place up to 18 hours a day and included stretching, weapons training, acrobatics, martial arts and acting.

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Anonymous said...

For real die-hard fans:

Here is a little secret;

Try these really rare movies in the West;

Painted Faces;
with Sammo Hung playing his own Teacher.

Red Trousers;

All about Kung Fu Stuntmen and what they have to endure....(Quite simply unbelievable!)

Nobody sees the hardwork behind the curtain.


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