Jan 10, 2010

Needle Through Brick

Needle Through Brick is a documentary about the decline of traditional art and culture in the face of a rapidly changing world through the eyes of traditional Chinese Kung Fu masters. Made by US-based Season of Light Pictures, it is said to be in post production or awaiting release. Looks beautifully put together with a greater depth and insight than the standard kung fu pop fare. Malaysia

Update: The DVD has been released and is available from www.needlethroughbrick.com.


Anonymous said...

Hello - Just a short note to say that we finally have a finished film that people can pick up. You can find on the following website:


Thanks for your interest.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I found this gem by pure accident on HULU. To see this film it made a lot of relevent connections to my culture but not just my own. First we have to recognize globalization is not a good thing. It destroys local and domestic economies, it inflats the cost of living, and it even tears at our individual cultures of each and every ethnicity on the planet. Values, History, and Culture challenged and even pushed aside for expeidency and instant gratification. Instant satisfaction is not a good thing when you have to sacrifice who you are and where you come from to get it. Secondly this film shows as an example Tradtional Chinese Kung Fu. It is dying because it is not instant..but patient and wise. It paints a picture of a peoples past thousands of years and what they have given to their decendants today. That can not be allowed to be lost. Similarly in Thailand the art of Muay Boran (Ancient Boxing) was dying, almost lost, were it not for Tony Jaa's film "Ong Bak" which does not show Muay Thai but its parent art. Muay Boran. Now it has become a national treasure. All cultures have treasures to preserve. Needle Through Brick shows this brilliantly.

Joel Fendelman said...

Thanks so much for the comments. I'm the producer of the film "Needle Through Brick" If anyone has any other questions or thoughts in regard to the film, please ask. We do have the Dvd available from our website www.needlethroughbrick.com that is packed with 90min of extras.
Thanks for the support,

Daily Kungfu said...

Joel: Any thoughts of releasing Needle Through Brick via National Geographic or BBC? It is a totally fresh and refreshing alternative to the swathe of reality TV kung fu documentaries that has appeared recently. Many people are not aware of, but would be piqued if they knew, of the precipitous fading of the pre-war (WWII) generation of masters and the irreplaceable store of knowledge they hold. Needle Through Break II perhaps?

BorneoLiRen said...

A wonderful production,I live here in NorthBorneo- Can I buy this here in Sabah from your outlet/agent? TQ for sharing this story to the world...

Daily Kungfu said...

You can try buying the DVD via the following sites:



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