Jan 14, 2010

Wild Cat Silat

For practical self-defense, an essential skill is the handling of knife packing opponents. In the West, the weapon of choice for assailants are daggers and flick knives; in Southern Asia, Africa and South America it is the machete or parang.  

In Chinese Kung Fu, weapons training is typically taught last. This is said to be the result of Chinese authorities banning civilian weapons during various periods in its history.

However, the martial arts of South East Asia did not come under under such restrictive governance, so in some of its arts, weapons are taught first.   This video showcases Silat Kucing Liar, literally, Wild Cat Silat. The two exponents in the video are not fighting or sparring, just doing drills; but note the fluidity and suppleness that is the hallmark of traditional Silat. Indonesia

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